3 Simple Tips to Treat Heel Pain

Do you have heel pain? Did you get up this morning and for the first few steps you found it hard to put your heel on the ground? You may have developed a condition called plantar fasciitis.

We always encourage someone with ongoing pain to call us and visit one of our clinics, get the problem properly diagnosed and receive advice on how to permanently get rid of that pain.

But we get life is busy and sometimes the pain has only been there for a few days, or the pain is really not bad at all but you’re looking for something simple that might help.

Well here are 3 simple tips that help a lot of people with heel pain:

  1. Check your shoes and replace them – are your shoes excessively worn, have they lost their support or are they just not suited to the activity you wear them for? Then consider replacing them or getting something more suited to your activity.

  2. Stretch your calf muscles – tight calf muscles place a greater strain on the heel. How do I know if my calves are tight? You probably can’t without seeing one of our Podiatrists but stretch them anyway.

  3. Roll your foot on a tennis ball – got a tennis ball lying around the home? Grab it. Stand on top of the ball and firmly roll the ball around your arch for 60 seconds daily.

What do you do though if the pain continues? We have heel pain clinics in Burnside and Woodville. We have successfully treated hundreds of cases of plantar fasciitis and heel pain.

Sick of foot pain? We are here to help!

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