Do you have foot pain? Did you get up this morning and for the first few steps you found it hard to put your heel on the ground? Are you finding your feet and ankles are getting stiff and stopping you from walking or exercising?

Here are 3 simple steps that are easy, quick and if done consistently, can make a huge difference to how your feet feel:



You may be isolating or working from home.  You may not be wearing supportive footwear much. So step 1 is simply wear more supportive footwear during the day. Put on your sneakers for a few hours and you should find your feet immediately feel better. Don’t have sneakers? Then wearing anything more enclosed and supportive will also help. 



Tight calf muscles are extremely common (you probably wouldn’t even be aware of it). But they significantly increase the strain on your foot and ankle. So you need to gently stretch your calf muscles. CLICK HERE for a video on performing the exercise.



Do you have a tennis ball or even a golf ball lying around at 

home? Grab it. Stand on top of the ball and firmly roll the ball around your arch for 60 seconds daily. CLICK HERE for a video on performing the exercise.


Perform these 3 things daily and you should find your feet feel much better and have less pain. If you are still having pain, here are a few additional things we can help with:


  • We are still open and consulting. If you have any foot, ankle or leg pain CLICK HERE to make an appointment or call Burnside (8333 2022) or Woodville (8445 8680) to make an appointment.


  • If you are unable to come into the clinic or are self isolating, we offer online consultations at a reduced fee. For the majority of foot issues, we can assess, diagnose and advise suitable and effective treatment online. Call the clinic for further information.


  • If an online consultation sounds appealing but you’re not sure if it would be suitable or helpful, we offer a FREE 5 minute online consultation to talk with you and see if we can help – no pressure, no obligation, NO COST!


  • We stock a range of Revere and Vionic fashion and active shoes. These can be purchased through our clinic or now via our online store. If you are avoiding contact or in isolation, you can order from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered directly to you – postage is FREE. For further information CLICK HERE.


PS. If you know anyone who would benefit from any of these tips, please forward this email to them.

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