Are Your Feet Dry

Cracked feet, particularly around the heels is a very common problem. There are two common reasons this occurs.

The first reason is due to the environment. This means your feet are naturally more dry in summer & more prone to cracking. Your footwear also contribute to this. Sandals, thongs & anything that is “open” will increase dryness of the foot. For general dryness like this, the skin should be carefully filed & a good quality moisturiser containing UREA should be applied. Also consider the footwear you are wearing & see if you can wear something more enclosed.

The second reason for dry, cracked feet is because of a fungal infection such as tinea or athlete’s foot. This is often overlooked as a cause as most people believe tinea is always itchy but this is not always the case. Occasionally there may be some redness. Where tinea is present, a strong moisturiser should be used together with an anti-fungal medication.

If there is cracking of the skin, extra care should be taken as this can become infected. Again prevention is better than cure so give your feet a little TLC by giving them a regular soak, gently file down the hard skin & apply a moisturiser.

If you can’t manage things, or your feet are painful, see one of our Podiatrist’s ASAP. We can PAINLESSLY remove any hard skin & then apply & recommend any cream or medication you may require. And often the best bit, give them a massage. For a real treat, consider having a paraffin wax bath which will not only make them feel great, but also looking silky smooth.

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