Weak calf muscles can contribute to many issues in the lower leg, calf/shin, foot and ankle.

This exercise is really effective at strengthening your calf & Achilles tendon BUT, start gently & go slowly – some people can find this exercise quite uncomfortable if you push too hard. The ideal amount of stretch is tightness but NOT PAINFUL.

Initially start with doing the exercise daily, morning & night – repeat five times each calf – slowly rise up onto your toes, hold for 5 seconds, slowly lower your heel to the ground & repeat 5 times.

Start with doing the exercise rising up with both heels & once you can complete that pain free, we may advise you to perform a single heel rise. Do both sides.

It’s important that we advise you on when you should perform this exercise but also when to “push harder”. We want your pain gone ASAP but more importantly get you back to moving & enjoying activity.

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