So many people go into a shoe store, particularly a sports shoe store, & get overwhelmed by the array of shoes before them. They try & multiple shoes & get advice on what’s best for them. But people come away not really sure if they have picked the right shoe & knowing that running/walking shoes are expensive, can think, “Have I wasted my money on this shoe”.

Winter is officially over but looking out my window today you wouldn’t think so. With the sun soon to be shining it’s a great time to dust off your sneakers and head out for a run!

If you’re only just beginning your running career, or are unsure what type of running shoes will best suit your feet… Don’t fear! It can be an incredibly daunting task navigating the walls of varying brands and neon colours at your local shops. For this reason we always recommend having your shoes fitted by specialty running shoe stores.

Although the trained employees will guide you through their appropriate ranges, always remember the three ‘F’s’.

  1. Feel
  2. Fit
  3. Function


The overall comfort of the shoes is key and will make or break your run. You can have the most expensive shoe in the store with top of the line features, but if it’s not comfortable, it’s not for you!


Be sure to get your feet professionally fitted whenever buying new shoes. Although they’re close, no two brands are ever really the same fit. Just because you’re a size 9 in one brand, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be exactly the same in different brand.


The function of both your feet and the shoes are also vitally important. In most instances your foot type will guide which type of shoe will likely suit you best. As a general rule you should pair the following foot types with the following shoes;

  • Flat/pronated feet = This foot type lacks its natural arch and requires extra support built into the shoes. For this reason a stability or motion control shoe is often best.
  • High arch/supinated feet = This foot type is essentially the opposite of a flat foot. It is where you have an above average arch height and therefore do not require any extra support built into your running shoes. For this reason a neutral shoe is often best.
  • Normal/neutral feet = This foot type is the ideal as the arch naturally provides enough support for the foot to function correctly. Therefore the shoe doesn’t need to provide any extra support. For this reason a neutral shoe is often best.    

Hopefully these three simple tips help to guide you on your quest for your ideal shoes. And it may also save you money by helping you pick the best shoe for you. If you have any further questions or concerns and would like a professional opinion from one of our podiatrists, give us a call, visit our website at or to make an online appointment click here.


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