What does Infection Control mean? 

Infection Control simply refers to the steps taken to minimise the risk of infection to both patients, staff and any visitors to Healthy Life Foot Clinic.

What steps do we take?

There are numerous steps taken to minimise infection within the clinic. These include:

  • use of correctly cleaned and sterilised instruments on all patients
  • yearly servicing and calibrating of sterilising equipment
  • use of gloves and masks and other personal protective equipment where required
  • cleaning of contact surfaces such as floors, chairs, consultation chairs, door handles and benches
  •  appropriate hand hygiene and cleaning practices by all staff
  • provision of alcohol hand wash for all patients, visitors and staff
  • strong encouragement of patients and staff to be aware of any sickness they might have and not being at he clinic unless well

These are just some of the key steps that we follow, to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe.


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