Low or No Gap Orthotics Offer 2023


We would like to offer you the opportunity of receiving a pair of orthotics

GAP FREE OR REDUCED FEE* Click HERE to book online

If you have private health cover, you may be entitled to receive a pair of fully custom made orthotics gap free (no cost) OR reduced fee.

This offer applies to both current patients AND family/friends of current patients, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT CURRENT PATIENTS!

What are orthotics?

They are flexible inserts worn in your shoes to improve foot and leg function.

Why would someone wear orthotics?

Great question – they can be extremely helpful in relieving not just foot and ankle pain, but also pain in the knees hips and lower back. They can also help improve balance and reduce likelihood of further injury.

Maybe you already wear orthotics then this is a great opportunity to get another pair at a low cost or no cost at all.*

Or maybe you’ve never worn orthotics but wonder if they might help with a problem you have in your feet or legs.

So whether you would just like another pair of orthotics to save you swapping them from shoe to shoe (or fit in a different style of shoe), OR you would like to see if an orthotic may help you be more comfortable or more active, then follow the 3 steps below to find out more.

Click HERE to book online.

3 simple steps to Low or No Gap Orthotics in 2023

Step 1

Call Healthy Life Foot Clinic and advise the receptionist you have received a “Low or No Gap Orthotic Offer” BURNSIDE 8333 2022 or Woodville 8445 8680.
You can also book online by clicking HERE, and under Appointment Type, select “Orthotic Offer”

Step 2

At your appointment: One of our Podiatrist’s will assess your orthotics, your footwear, any current problems, review any exercise program & your gait/walking pattern and discuss any recent changes to your lifestyle
They will then take a 3-Dimensional digital scan of your feet.

Step 3

Your Podiatrist will design your new orthotic and complete the custom prescription form and email this with the 3-D digital scans to our laboratory
Our laboratory in Adelaide will manufacture your orthotics using the very latest 3-D printing technology and have them ready for fitting within 14 days.

* To qualify for this offer, you’ll need private health cover that includes Podiatry & Orthotic Therapy. Most health funds only allow one pair of orthotics per calendar year. 

As all funds are different, we ask you to call your health fund in advance, to check you are covered. The item code is F221 x 2. If not covered, you will be responsible for full payment.

Your Health Fund will need to pay a minimum of $400 for the orthotics, otherwise you will have an out of pocket amount to pay.

Most health fund rebates expire at the end of the year so if you think this offer may help, don’t let your rebate go to waste.

Note: To use your health fund benefits for 2023, please call ASAP to make an appointment. This offer ends 17th November 2023.

To make an appointment:

  • Call Healthy Life Foot Clinic (BURNSIDE 8333 2022 or WOODVILLE 8445 8680) and advise the receptionist you have received a “Low or No Gap Orthotic Offer” OR,
  • Click HERE to book online (under “Appointment Type”, select “Orthotic Offer”)
***This offer can be used with a family member OR friend even if they are not a current patient just mention that at the time of booking***

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