Why Is My Toe So Sore!!!

One of the most common reasons for a toe to be sore is due to an ingrown toenail. We have all heard of them and some of us unfortunately have been unlucky enough to have one. But why do they happen?

Causes and risks of ingrown toenail development:

  • Pressure from tight-fitting shoes or high heels can cause the nail to grow abnormally.
  • Poor trimming of toenails can cause the corners of the nail to dig into the skin.
  • Conditions such as fungal infections of the nail can cause a nail to change or thicken and create a higher risk of ingrown nails
  • Either an acute injury near the nail or any trauma that causes the nail to be damaged repetitively can also cause an ingrown nail.
  • If a member of your family has an ingrown toenail, then you are more likely to develop one, too. Some people’s nails are just wider and more rounded increasing the risk of an ingrown toenail.

If you do get ingrown toenails, something can definitely be done about it. Sometimes they may be developing due to poor footwear or poor nail cutting techniques (as suggested above) which can easily be changed.

Having the nail assessed and the edge gently cut back by a podiatrist is usually necessary for an ingrown nail that doesn’t quickly go away on its own. If the nail edge is infected antibiotics may also be necessary.

Regular salt baths can also be very helpful in softening and relieving pain at the affected nail edge.

Ingrown toenails can be very, very painful. For those nasty ingrown toenails that constantly recur and are negatively impacting your day to day life there is the option to have the painful edge permanently removed in a highly successful and safe procedure called the ‘PNA’ nail edge removal.

This procedure is performed by one of our podiatrists and is a quick and effective way of resolving a chronic recurring ingrown toenail.

To go ahead with this procedure a consultation with a podiatrist is always required where the nail can be assessed for suitability, education around the procedure provided and a management plan put in place that best suits the individual.

So don’t put up with an ingrown toenail. The longer it lasts the more problems it will cause in the long run. Let us have a look at it and advise you the best and quickest way to fix the problem.

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